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Quit Hiding Behind The Curtains

By Danielle Wald, Intern Using various social media sites has become the norm in today’s world. This occurrence has allowed many to post activity on these sites without any indication or worries of the implications of the material. It is essential to be cautious of whether

DON’T Forget Your Passion

By Danielle Wald, Intern Last week I read The Atlantic's "The Value of Following Passion in a Jobless World," which spoke about the struggle graduates face when choosing a profession. These economic times have made it hard to land a job almost anywhere, leaving recent graduates

Social Media May be More Dangerous than it Seems

By Danielle Wald, Intern When is it appropriate to communicate through social media? This has been an ongoing issue since the drastic increase of social media use. It has expanded the way people interact, allowing them to explore relationships outside of their current ones with just

I’ve got the key… it’s called experience

By Danielle Wald, Intern Making a career choice can be one of the most daunting experiences in a person’s life. There are thousands of paths one could take and it seems almost impossible to make the right decision. So, how is it that people arrive at