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Continue up to the peak of greatness!

Continue up to the peak of greatness!

By Danielle Wald, Intern

Last week I was able to listen to one of the professors speak at my brother’s high school commencement ceremony.  He began to talk about what it means to “peak” during one’s high school years. Whether it means to be known as the “football champ” or the “beautiful girl”, adolescents who peak too early may prevent themselves from reaching their full potential. The professor said “Don’t peak when you’re in high school. Don’t peak when you’re accepted into your college of choice. Don’t peak when you meet your wife. Don’t peak when you hold your first child. But, peak right before you die.” I cannot help but agree with his philosophy on life.

It is an innate quality for Americans to strive for success. Accomplishing the “American dream” is about bettering ourselves through hard work and achievement. It is about striding past our comfort zones, accomplishing and overcoming any obstacle that may come our way. When faced with a challenge, we must push our boundaries and believe that we have the ability to strive past what is expected. Sometimes when we achieve a goal, we stray from the path of success. We can become content with what we have and forget that we are still on the relentless goal to peak. When one reaches this point, it is essential to notice this occurrence and realize that self- satisfaction is only the temporary key to fulfillment. We will soon feel dissatisfied and motivate ourselves to increase gratification.

So, build off of each success and continue up to the peak of greatness.

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