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You are what you “tweet”

You are what you “tweet”

By Danielle Wald, Intern @DanielleWald1

Last week I blogged about social media and the tremendous effect it has on Public Relations. I discussed that the “online world” is constantly revolutionizing, and so must the strategies used by Public Relations Professionals. There is no longer one specific tactic that helps appeal to consumer’s best, rather it’s the advances and alterations in technology that PR firms must concentrate on. Although years ago the greatest tactic was to promote companies through traditional media, today social media has allowed for constant reciprocated conversations. One of the greatest challenges for PR Professionals is to learn this “online world” best, creating ways to understand and use those constant conversations to benefit their clients. Throughout my time interning at Fusion Public Relations, I have had the opportunity to work closely with the Senior Vice President and Social Media savvy Professional, Bob Geller. He has taught me various ways of monitoring discussions on the Internet as well as using Twitter as a helpful tool for promotion. These techniques are essential in PR, as they allow for success and accomplishment when appealing to a client’s audience.

Twitter is a social networking site that, through micro-blogging, enables users to express and receive opinions via “tweets”. This site, as well as other social media, is an essential tool when working in the field of Public Relations. Twitter allows PR Professionals to monitor company reputations, public opinions and rising trends. Since it is allows for a two- way conversation, Professionals have the ability to respond to what is being said about their client’s company. Additionally, Twitter allows them to provide information about their client’s product or service using short and media savvy language. These “tweets” aid in promoting their client’s products and company, impacting the name they have created for them through other media.

Twitter provides the ability to track “top tweeters” on specific topics. The importance of this is to gain insight as to whose influence is affecting others, whether it is by creating or altering an image for a company. How do we categorize who is a “top tweeter”? By measuring who has the ability to have their links “retweeted” and later clicked on, allows us to monitor who is most influential on the site. It gives PR Professionals the capability to track what these top influencers are tweeting about and how effective they are. Through the use of Twitter, PR professionals are able to recognize public opinion and beneficially use it to promote their client’s company.  By following these top tweeters, PR firms are able to respond to what is being said about their client and constantly alter their promotional strategy.

The world is constantly changing, and so is PR. Did you ever wonder what PR tactics will be used in 1 year from now? It is very likely that it may be completely different.

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