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There’s no turning back

There’s no turning back

By Danielle Wald, Intern, @DanielleWald1

Throughout my years at Rutgers University thus far, I have gained a strong knowledge about the field of Public Relations. I have learned the ins and the outs of what a typical job entails, whether it be researching a specific topic or writing a press release.  What I haven’t learned is that PR is ever-changing, relying heavily on social media and the two- way conversations it has created.

Before the Internet became a home to most people, PR professionals used traditional media to appeal to consumers. Whether newspapers, television or the radio was used to sell products and shape public perspective on a company, PR was a one- way conversation – disabling audiences to express their own opinions. However, with the rise and advances of technology, new media has become a wide spread and popular source of interacting, using blogs and online sites as a source of sending information and receiving feedback. The Internet has allowed audiences to share their opinions by leaving comments and exchanging conversations via social networks.

Social media has opened a whole new door. The world has revolutionized, as so must the methods and tactics of PR.

Listening, engaging, and thought leadership are three of the many methods that PR savvy professionals use to appeal to their audience. These new techniques have given consumers more power than ever. Although the one- way broadcast may have been less tedious, the Internet has also allowed brands to converse with their consumers, benefiting both ends. What’s the consequence? Public opinion may hurt a company’s image. With the vast amount of Internet usage, negative comments may encourage others to see the downsides of a company. These opinions may not have been apparent years ago.

What strategy would you wish to use to promote your company?

With social media, there’s no turning back.

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