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So, please think before you “Connect”

So, please think before you “Connect”

Danielle Wald, Intern

Why spend time creating an account on a website when you can join with just the click of a button? Facebook Connect makes this possible. It’s a simple and effortless way to incorporate Facebook with other internet software, in order to send information in both directions. It offers a more personalized experience, allowing relevant information to pop up more frequently on your account. With Connect, marketing agencies can feature an object based on demographic, age, relationship status, amount of friends, photo’s and etc. It can even offer information based on groups one belongs to or events one plans on attending. This application is so beneficial that is seems absurd to dislike this feature.

Before any of this can occur, you must allow them access to your account. Unfortunately, many of these websites don’t provide a distinct definition of exactly what they are asking access to. But, since the application seems so desirable to the human eye, we don’t even think twice. Well, have you thought of the risks?

Here are 4 reasons why you might want to avoid using Facebook Connect.

  • Beware: It’s your information. Since Facebook is a common place to store much of your information, it is important to be cautious of who is viewing your profile. When using Connect, outside sources may assign your personal information to their site without clear permission. They may place your full name as a display name or use your Facebook photo for their website. It is also possible that they could browse your recent activity and label your character.
  • There is no easy way out. Although Facebook Connect only allows one login signup, what happens if you delete your Facebook account? How will you log into those other websites? It is possible that your information will be left on the internet without allowing you to monitor your personal information.
  • It’s not only your information, it’s your friends. I read a comment posted on the blog “Access to my what? Facebook Permission Explained”. A gentleman commented that when his daughter allowed access to her account, the website sent messages to all of her 500 friends. It is extremely important to be cautious of what the website is asking permission for. By clicking the “accept” button, you might be giving them permission to view your friends’ basic information as well.
  • Well, the fourth reason is because they could simply hack your account. Om Malik from Gigaom and Amit Aggrawal from Labnol both had their Facebook accounts hacked. These high-technology writers are only two of the many that experience the “Facebook Disaster”.

So, please, think before you Connect.

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