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Internships Are #1

Internships Are #1

By Danielle Wald, Intern @DanielleWald1

So, you graduated college. You completed your major and know exactly where you would like to work. Your college courses have taught you all about your future profession and you are excited to practice what you have been studying for the past four years. Your GPA was a 4.0 and you are eager to show others how much you’ve been waiting to work in this field.

Have you had an internship?

An internship allows students (or post-graduate students) to gain a learning experience in their field of choice. It allows them to build skills and knowledge about their future careers that will help them perform better when they land their first jobs. Although most students learn much about this through coursework during their undergraduate years, interning allows them to gain a “hands on” experience. It will help confirm their previous knowledge about what this type of job entails, and if this is exactly where they would like to work. These experiences allow students to increase their work ethic, professionalism, time management, and brush up on their interpersonal skills. They will learn the importance of motivation and leadership.

So, what more could you ask for?

When employers look to hire students, they look for past experience. According to CareerArcGroup, 93 percent of employers specified that their most important qualification is “Relevant internships or experience.” Employers would like to know that their potential employees are confident about their career choices, based on coursework AND internship experience.

Internships are mutually beneficial. They help students increase their knowledge about their future careers and land a job. They help employers hire students who are skilled, ready to work, and will make a difference to their company.

Don’t disregard this experience.

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