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Quit Hiding Behind The Curtains

Quit Hiding Behind The Curtains

By Danielle Wald, Intern

Using various social media sites has become the norm in today’s world. This occurrence has allowed many to post activity on these sites without any indication or worries of the implications of the material. It is essential to be cautious of whether or not you are posting job- threatening information on the Internet. Many fail to recognize the damage social media may cause and simply fret about their resume and interviews. Well, be concerned. There’s a new company on the rise that may alter your perspective on this subject.

It was only last month that Social Intelligence Corp. gained its approval from the Federal Trade Commission to perform a background check on job applicants that goes beyond the simple scan. This company does a meticulous search based on the candidate’s Internet activity, such as photos and postings. They screen various social media platforms, for instance Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, hunting for any query information that may be important for their decision process. Additionally, the company labels ones character based on the information they have encountered. Forbes.com previously released an account that in one situation, a job applicant was labeled racist based on the Facebook group he had once joined. To add to it, this information remains in storage for 7 years, even if one is hired by the company! Fortunately, there is a plus side. Employers must inquire applicants for consent to perform this search. This allows time to delete or modify any information previously on the Internet.

Although many social media accounts provide opportunity to monitor public display, the power of the Internet is so strong that there are always opportunities for information leakage. It is necessary to recognize the consequences and act responsibly. Remember, there is no way to “beat the system”.  Attention fellow college students:  Using a pseudonym will simply link those false names with your official offline names. Do yourself a favor and don’t simply worry about the economy, be concerned about your “online” world and the name you have created for yourself.

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