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Social Media May be More Dangerous than it Seems

Social Media May be More Dangerous than it Seems

By Danielle Wald, Intern

When is it appropriate to communicate through social media? This has been an ongoing issue since the drastic increase of social media use. It has expanded the way people interact, allowing them to explore relationships outside of their current ones with just the click of a button. Using these sites have eased the ability to interact with others, however, the consequences may outweigh the positives.

Last week, Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account was “hacked”. This scandal is one of the many examples that show the horrible effects that may result from using social media sites. Although it allowed him to “tweet” and interact with others about conversations important to him, it ultimately led to a disastrous and humiliating scandal that may cause long lasting harm to his career. With the damage these convenient and powerful tools can inadvertently cause, it is unimaginable why so many don’t fully understand the potential consequences.

So does this mean social media sites have made it TOO easy to interact? Has it allowed people to become TOO comfortable when interacting over the computer? Do the consequences, in fact, outweigh the positives? These are questions that may never be answered, allowing potential harm to continually increase over the years.

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