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Advertising Taking over Social Media

Advertising Taking over Social Media

By Connie Hoi, Intern

Advertisers are one of the biggest hunters for new locations for placing ads. They usually go for placements where people can see and admire their products. Traditional methods like billboards and reading material have become sparse because of minimal space and the growing trend of going paperless. Social Media is the newest sensation where people are constantly looking through on their phone, tablets, or anything else with internet access. Major players of big companies have moved onto social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and etc. to advertise.


Advertiser’s Advantages:

Advertisers have the advantage of placing their ads on social media sites and having it placed for specific groups of people. They can choose where the group of people may reside, based on someone’s internet searches, their demographics, and much more. Advertising agencies have stepped up the game on advertising to the right target market on Social Medias for people to view.

Places like Facebook sell advertising space for those interested in more likes and recognition. People can choose their daily budget, show people near the desired business, city, state or country. It has become so simple and less costly too. Twitter has tweets that are promoted through their social timeline even though users do not follow those accounts. The promoted advertisement usually mentions that it is specifically a promotion or advertised by that company. Twitter analytics also have the ability to track multiple components of ad activity which allows them to learn more about their customers.

Does It Actually Work?

When you think about it sometimes, how many people actually take time to look at the advertisement? In our fast pace lifestyle not many people care to take extra time out on things they do not need to see, so it just becomes another space on the page. Some people may decide to click on the ad but when they get transferred to another page it tends to turn people off and just close it out. Advertisers truly believe that even with one look or one click people will be more likely to turn towards their products.

How Do Social Media Users Feel?

I still remember about a year and a half ago my Social Media sites were still ad free. Sometimes when I scroll through I just feel completely bombarded with the amount of advertising I have to see before I actually get to a post I’m interested in. Some people skip over the advertising completely while others are forced to watch before returning to their desired destination. I believe that advertisers have taken it overboard with everyone hopping onto the bandwagon. It has changed the face of some social media sites overall.

Does anyone else feel like they are going on Social Media to see something and all they get instead are ads of things that are occasionally completely irrelevant? Advertising has completely taken over Social Media in a way where people can no longer avoid advertising. I guess we’ll just have to sit back and watch happens next.


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