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Author: Fusion Intern

Your Digital Footprint

By: Christina Ho, Intern Instagram is used by five times as many people that did in 2013. However, people are posting fewer photos on Instagram according to The Information. Nevertheless, this worrisome trend doesn’t mean that Instagram’s overall popularity is slowing down. Instagram has grown from

Social Media’s Life and Death: The Importance of Your Password

By: Matthew Fils-Aime In a string of database breaches that have left the likes of MySpace, LinkedIn, and Tumblr scratching their heads attempting to safeguard their users’ personal information, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is the latest to see his social media account compromised.  Zuckerberg’s twitter account

Social Media and Your Business

By Cynthia Hurtado, Intern Many business owners I know ask me for social media advice since I’m a millennial and have had some experience in the field. Truth of the matter is, not all businesses belong on all social media channels. There are a few businesses

Confessions of A Foreign PR Student

By Carmen Ren We all know that in order to communicate effectively, PR practitioners need to understand the public well. In the multi-cultural context, this can be several times more challenging. (To me, it is also fascinating!) The efforts to understand our stakeholders from a foreign

The Career Path YOU Decide!

By: Danielle Trentin (Intern) As a college student who has just recently got a glimpse of “the real world” through my internship experience, I can easily say that I am unsure of what career path I want to take. Learning about the PR field in college

How Social Media Platforms Prove to be Useful – Part 2

By: Danielle Trentin The first part of this series talked about how blogs, LinkedIn, and Facebook are all social media platforms that have made an impact on how people interact with one another, how daily news is received, how businesses attract and gain customers, and much

Social Media and the Job Search

By Victoria Perlak (Intern) It would be ideal to click my ruby slippers together and say, “There’s no place like freshman year,” three times and be able to travel back in time to start my college career all over again. Unfortunately, I am no Dorothy and

The Many Facades of PR

By: Caroline P. Wiejak (Intern) During my internship at two very different and diverse public relations agencies, I have realized that the notion of public relations means something different in every industry, company and agency. That also applies to public relations tactics regarding business to business

A World without Phone Chargers

By Victoria Perlak (Intern) The days of power cords and chargers may be over in a few short years. Wireless energy is only continuing to grow and become more prominent in the US. Companies have been swift to hop on the wireless energy bandwagon. Starbucks was