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A World without Phone Chargers

A World without Phone Chargers

By Victoria Perlak (Intern)

The days of power cords and chargers may be over in a few short years. Wireless energy is only continuing to grow and become more prominent in the US. Companies have been swift to hop on the wireless energy bandwagon. Starbucks was one of the first to have wireless charging spots, in both their Boston and Silicon Valley locations. This month they announced that they will be installing 100,000 more of these charging spots in locations across the US. In addition to Starbucks, wireless charging spots have been spotted in airports, hotels and Madison Square Garden. Even GM and Toyota have taken to wireless energy; Toyota has already debuted cars with wireless pads and GM is set to release some later this year.

As more devices become embedded with wireless charging technology, we become closer to a world without phone chargers. There are approximately five dozen phone models that have wireless charging capability, not to mention the accessories that can adapt those without these built-in capabilities. Rumor has it that the iPhone 6 will include wireless charging as well. Once the standard is set by these phone companies to become wireless charging capable, chargers and power cords will be a thing of the past.

Wireless energy seems so futuristic, and though we have all thought about a world with no cords, did we ever think that we would actually be living in one? In my entrepreneurship class this past spring we talked about products that annoyed us and products we wished we had; an activity to get our brains moving towards creative ideas. In a class of 25 people, the idea of wireless energy consistently came up. Many of the kids talked about how annoying chargers are and how it would just be easier and more efficient to have a wireless charger. Well, here it is.

I am fully on board with the wireless charging technology; anything that saves me tripping over a cord or extra money when my charger breaks has got my thumbs up. The era of wireless energy has just begun and I can only think of what’s next after phones. Perhaps wireless charging for laptops, or cameras? This is an exciting time for technology, and since we still have somewhat of a long (cordless) road ahead of us, it seems like the best is yet to come.

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