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What Makes a Worthwhile Internship?

What Makes a Worthwhile Internship?

By Victoria Perlak (Intern)

Mashable recently posted an article, outlining six signs to know if your internship is worth your time. I have only been an intern here for two weeks, but I can already tell that my Fusion PR internship is DEFINITELY worthwhile. Here’s why:

1. You have real responsibilities.

I am responsible for creating a weekly intern blog, helping with social media brainstorms, an internship project AND any other assignments that come my way. The work I do has an impact; everything I do has significance to Fusion. No coffee runs here!

2. You’re learning new skills.

I’m working every day to improve my writing, interpersonal and computer skills, just to name a few. I’m also learning how to research effectively and thoroughly complete tasks that are crucial in the PR industry. All the skills that I am learning and improving on will ultimately help me succeed when I begin to work full-time.

3. Your coworkers are willing to act as mentors.

The interns have brown bag sessions which are sessions with Fusion employees, discussing different topics important in the PR industry. These are times where we can learn more about PR and Fusion. We also constantly receive feedback on the work that we do as interns, which really helps in the learning process. Everyone at Fusion is willing to share their time and expertise with us interns, which is really helpful!

4. You’re treated with respect.

Fusion really values the opinions and contributions of its interns from day to day. And contrary to the Mashable article, no intern here is called ‘the intern’. Everyone knows my name and I feel like I am a part of the Fusion team!

5. Working makes you giddy.

I look forward to my days at Fusion, because every day usually consists of something different! Though sometimes tasks may get overwhelming or frustrating if you hit a wall, once you get over that wall you feel so accomplished! Sometimes when the day at Fusion is over and I’m on the train back home I’ll think of ideas for another blog, or discover something new about PR or social media that I’ll want to share with the social media team. I really enjoy the hands-on experience that I’m getting at Fusion!

6. Your internship offers perks.

What better perk than to be working in New York City every day, eating lunch in Bryant Park and being right by Times Square? Oh! And you can’t forget about the office dog!

This is a great experience so far, and I’m excited to continue on in the upcoming weeks!

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