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The Future of Job Applications

The Future of Job Applications

By Hillary Greene, Intern

LinkedIn has been the number one business-to-business social networking site for years. The world’s largest social network for business professionals launched a new service known as “Apply with LinkedIn”, which allows users to apply for jobs by submitting their LinkedIn profile to prospective employers with the click of a button. When job seekers click on the button they will be able to access and edit their personal LinkedIn profiles in real time, making it easy to make job-specific tweaks without leaving the page. Prospective employers will be able to see your connections – another reason to get your LinkedIn profile in order and gather quality contacts. LinkedIn records all of your “Apply with LinkedIn” submissions in the saved jobs tab. This gives you the records of jobs that you have applied to.

The social network is calling their new feature “the future of job applications”, which they say will make the job application process as simple as a click. The “Apply with LinkedIn” eliminates the need for a cover letter and resume, making the job application process an easier task. With increasing competition from Facebook and Google, LinkedIn is taking the next step in securing their professional networking status by launching this new job seeker plug-in. The “Apply with LinkedIn” button can be placed not only within LinkedIn, but also on a company’s own website.

Is this the end of tedious resumes and cover letters?

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