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What Fusion Did and What I Became

What Fusion Did and What I Became

By Kelsey Judd, Intern

Internship? This is more of an entry level PR job, which is awesome! I could list out everything I do here, but trust me, it’s real work. Yes, I’ve become well-versed in briefing documents, media tracking, competitor research, creating media lists, and the list goes on. Equally as important though, I’ve developed good habits and life-long skills that will serve any company well. Some of the things I’ve learned while at Fusion include:

  1. Becoming a know-it-all of the industry. Mirroring my colleagues’ appetite for knowledge, I now regularly read the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Forbes. Is it weird that I know all of the editor’s names and what they write about? No.
  2. How to think critically and avoid being the robot. Knowing how to turn knowledge into results for a company is something Fusion has pushed me to do. While reading any publication, blog, or tweet, I keep the thought in my head “How can this benefit the clients?”
  3. Efforts should align with goals and desired results. Fusion has taught me to locate the correct media contacts, how to properly create buzz, and how to be efficient with maintaining relationships.

I have a lot of respect and gratitude towards those who have taken the time to teach me what they know. Thanks to Fusion, I feel confident stepping into any PR job and quickly kicking off a career.

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