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Twitter Begins to Make the eCommerce Push

Twitter Begins to Make the eCommerce Push

By Leigh Kurtzman, Intern


With Twitter starting to lose its momentum slightly in 2015, it has finally decided to make the push towards e-commerce. Twitter has begun to make it easier for users to view products they might be interested in purchasing.  It is only in the beginning stages, but Twitter might have found a way for marketers to become involved and promote their products.  Twitter has started to showcase specialized pages for products on users’ timelines that provide relevant tweets and information about the product with additional information on how to purchase. This is Twitter’s most aggressive step towards ecommerce thus far.

Twitter is experimenting with different ways to make this work most effectively.  It has experienced slow growth in users and revenue lately, so it is imperative that they figure out how to make e-commerce work best to their advantage in order to kick-start growth again. Twitter has partnered with companies such as Nike, HBO, and TechCrunch to create their own pages around different themes in order to show how this new e-commerce idea can be used. This new feature also allows products to be grouped together by users into “collections.”  Twitter hopes to find the best way to give users the most personalized pages that they would want to explore.

Twitter has grappled with e-commerce in the past, such as last September, when they introduced a “Buy” Button, but this feature did not catch on with users. Twitter has yet to uncover the best way to capitalize on product discovering and purchasing, but they hope that their new implementation of these “Dedicated Pages” will turn into a popular platform among users. It will be interesting to see if this new feature actually resonates with users, or if it will end up bothering users and being another source of controversy for the site.

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