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7 Amazing Technologies from October's NY Tech Meetup

7 Amazing Technologies from October's NY Tech Meetup

By David Berezin, Intern


Earlier this month, NY Tech Meetup hosted its October tech meetup, which featured live demos from several amazing tech companies. These are some of the technologies featured:


Plucked is a web app that provides high school students with unlimited free college applications, as application fees are often times a major barrier in the process. Thanks to this ingenious tool, applying for college is more affordable.


This app tackles NYC’s hunger crisis in an inventive way. When you dine out, Spare rounds up your bill to the nearest dollar and uses the spare change to feed hungry New Yorkers. Spare also shows you the amount of money you’ve donated and the number of people your donations have fed, so you can see the impact you’re making.


With Election Day next month – and a presidential election next year – there has never been a more important time to register to vote. Vote.usa.gov is a government website that gives you the information you need to register to vote in all 50 states.


Another technology that’ll get you more politically active is IssueVoter. This tool matches you with your representative in Congress. It then sends you bills that are going through Congress based on the issues that interest you.

You can choose to support or oppose those bills, and IssueVoter will compare how you voted to how your representative voted. So, with this app, you’ll know whether to keep your representative in office or give them the boot.


Research can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Wonder saves you the time and effort by outsourcing the research. Type in a question and it goes out to researchers around the world. Within a few hours, an email with a detailed answer and the sources the researcher used is sent out. With Wonder taking care of your research needs, you’ll “wonder” what to do with your newfound spare time.


Jackpocket is an app that lets you play the lottery through your phone. Thanks to Jackpocket, you won’t have to go to the store to buy lottery tickets. And you won’t have to worry about your tickets being lost or stolen. This cool app also shows you how the money you spend on the lottery goes to the state education fund.


If you want to learn coding at your own convenience, Lrn is the app for you. It teaches programming languages like Ruby and Javascript through interactive mini quizzes. Lrn works through the principle of microlearning: teaching through short bursts of focused information. And, since it works offline, you can use it anywhere: on the train, the grocery line, or even the toilet.

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