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Taking McLuhan a Step Further – You Are Part of Your Message

Taking McLuhan a Step Further – You Are Part of Your Message

By: Stephen Andrews, VP, Fusion PR

The medium is the message

This morning my usual bleary-eyed commute was interrupted, yet again, by an invading hoard of overly energized marketing folks greeting me with those annoying (I’ve been up for hours and am damn happy to be here) smiles handing out the latest ‘get-your-motor-running’ power drink. As I dodged the sniper fire of 16 ounce cans, I wondered, OK grumbled – how are these folks so darn happy this early in the morning? I briefly contemplated and thought that maybe this latest of the enhanced drinks just might be the reason.

Gary, the trusty owner of my local train station’s kiosk, remarked they had all bought Red Bulls upon arrival. I looked back at their reinforced and highly sugar-sweet caffeinated positions and realized, he was absolutely right and probably a much more astute marketer than any of the conquering ‘flingers.’ Most of them, were sipping the Red Bull while promoting a competitive energy drink. I realized how their message was all but overwhelmed by their actions and how the potential customers would not be the only ones seeing red.

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  • Suzanne McGee

    April 17, 2008 at 2:07 pm Reply

    Ha! So many people forget to tell their team about their value and involvement. This seems to happen so frequently in NYC: hire some talent and put ’em to work…hmmm, perhaps it would be beneficial to make each person part of the campaign by giving them an idea of how they fit. Well, good pointing this out, until next time…

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