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Heating Up the Message

Heating Up the Message

By Stephen Andrews, VP, Fusion PR

Rhetorically speaking – how does one ordinary person’s message resonate louder and clearer than scientists, professional service firms, lobbyists and politicians when delivering arguably one of the most important debates in human history?

My wife who I’ve often chided about ‘Global Warming pointed me in the direction of this ordinary man’s’ (WonderingMind42) video who delivers a sticking message that holds water.

Every time a new report is released, some discovery is made or some Snowy Egret sweats on glacier we hear more doom and gloom from the environmental side. I’ve been in this business long enough that for any scientist statement, hypotheses, report or survey, I can find or fund my own reaching a polar opposite conclusion. The global warming messages are too diverse, too confusing, lack cohesion and a common theme, aside from the sky is falling.

Of all aforementioned points – it took an ordinary man, 10-minutes to logically put together a cohesive message.

Perspective is not bought or outsourced – it is obviously logical.

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