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How to Stand Out Among E-mail Overload

How to Stand Out Among E-mail Overload

By: Meghan O’Hara, Account Coordinator, Fusion PR

Randall Stross, who recently wrote a New York Times article entitled, “Struggling to Evade the E-Mail Tsunami,” describes the daunting daily tasks assigned to bloggers, e.g. constantly checking social networking messages along with the onslaught of an overwhelmed inbox.

As PR professionals, we understand the importance/influence of blogs on the public and empathize with unwarranted spam/emails. It is essential to ensure that our messages end-up read and not among the “Deleted Items.” Here are a few strategic suggestions, which will assist in being heard above the noise and help open a clear channel of communication with a blogger:

  1. Use eye-catching subject lines.
  2. Send pitches during opportune times when you know bloggers are checking their messages.
  3. Add a personal touch whenever possible.
  4. Comment on stories on his/her blog.
  5. Link their blog stories to your own.
  6. If you spoke with the blogger, mention it in the subject line and text.
  7. Follow up.
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