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Agoraphobia and the End of Blockbuster

Agoraphobia and the End of Blockbuster

By: Ben Baruch, SAE, Fusion PR

Aha moment # 1 billion – So now we understand why Blockbuster bought Circuit City

For those of us that enjoy watching films on the small screen – yesterday, marked the end of an era as Warner Brothers announced on a conference call that, couch potatoes will be able to order films via digital distribution (VOD) ‘day and date’ of DVD release. Saul Hansell, in the ‘BITS blog’ (Warner Brothers To Rent Movies Online Sooner) on the New York Times Web site, describes that ‘All this represents the beginning of the end for the Hollywood system of sales “windows” that are used to extract the most profits from a movie… In addition to the windows, there is one other issue that the studios need to confront: For now, all of these pay-per-view systems require users to watch movies within a 24-hour period.’

We don’t ever have to interact with snooty movie rental folk and bear the elements on a Sunday ever again.

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