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Gaming & Hollywood – Battling for Consumers

Gaming & Hollywood – Battling for Consumers

By: Ben Baruch, SAE, Fusion PR

Albeit, Electronic Arts is already a beast of a video game company – we are beginning to see pressure build as Activision acquired Vivendi Game’s, Blizzard Entertainment (World of Warcraft franchise beneficiaries) – for this is a most dominating and competitive medium. Almost certain, next steps for EA will be to take a most active look to take-over Take-Two Interactive’s most dominating gaming franchise, Grand Theft Auto. New York Times reporter Matt Richtel in ‘A $500 Million Week for Grand Theft Auto,’ writes ‘… there is pressure on Electronic Arts and also on some Take-Two shareholders to get one done quickly. Electronic Arts has said that it needs to get a deal in time to subsume Take-Two’s assets before the holiday selling season.’

As a side note, GTA IV, in its first week of retail sold 6 million copies raking in a $ ½ billion in sales. For people ‘not’ in the know and for perspective, there is not a film in the Top 10 or ever that comes close to a gross of $500 million in a premier week. As Frederick Lane of Newsfactor mentioned, – ‘Grand Theft Hollywood?’ – consumers, reporters and aficionados are taking notice, as GTA VI has already bested Pirates of the Caribbean III, Hollywood’s current record-holder, which earned a whopping $404 million in its first week.

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