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Pitch Spam Nets Blogger Backlash

Pitch Spam Nets Blogger Backlash

By: Bob Geller, SVP, Fusion PR

The subject of PR pitch spam is once again generating controversy in the blogosphere.

A number of top PR bloggers have covered the subject over the past few days. Also, A-list blogger (and Web 2.0 Workgroup member) Stowe Boyd wrote a post about the issue and suggests an approach called MicroPR as an antidote, in his post The Growing Backlash Against PR Spam

Stowe wrote

[MicroPR] is an… argument for … forcing PR firms to approach us in the open, on open social flow apps like Twitter, and in the small, where they have to jettison all the claptrap of the old press release model. In the open, that can’t lie easily, or they will be caught on it. In the small, they have to junk the meaningless superlatives, the bogus quotes that no CEO ever mouthed, the run-on phrases, the disembodied third party mumbo jumbo, as if the press release were edited by God.

On Twitter, I will simply block people that abuse my willingness to have an open dialog about products with PR folks, or basically anyone else, for that matter. And I am implicitly inviting everyone in my Twitter sphere of influence to participate, too. I want it to be a shared space for investigation into new tools, so by all means, twitpitch me!

You can read more about the topic on Flack’s Revenge, where you can also find out what the poisonous and enticing Japanese fish delicacy called Fugu has to do with all of this

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