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Plink is the New Black

Plink is the New Black

By: Talia Andrews, Account Executive, Fusion PR

For a loyal Facebook stalker user, as I am sure many of you readers are, I strongly encourage you to check out Plink. Entertainment Media Works (EMW) has created the Plink application, which takes photo tagging to the next level. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…

Plinking lets us identify products, trends and styles within the context of Facebook photo albums. Take a look at the example picture (to the right).

I have identified Janet’s top to be a Lux Tank that can be purchased at Urban Outfitters. Not only does the Plink application allow you to identify products, it lets you hold IM-like conversations right on the picture, or plink the people in the picture. What’s the bottom line? It’s a fun new way to interact with your photo’s – because tagging is so last season.

Social networks are becoming a way of life. With Plink, not only are we identifying people, we are identifying the brands and products that our friends and colleagues associate with.

I hope that you will give this application a shot, as I think you will find that EMW is spear- heading an industry and revolutionizing the term “product placement.”

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