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Are You Answering the Judges’ Call?

Are You Answering the Judges’ Call?

By, Suzanne McGee, Account Director, Fusion PR – @mcgeepr

Does your PR program include speaking opportunity submissions? Is this something that you just leave to your agency and don’t think about much?

Stop doing that! Speaking opportunities are a great way to talk about industry trends, demonstrate your knowledge on a specific topic and also include a customer or two. But, this means you need to pay attention to events and think through what you have to say – without promoting your product or service, of course.

It’s also helpful to hear what the judges think. Mobile Insider columnist Steve Smith has a great piece today, The Wisdom of (My) Crowd , talking about what he is looking for in the upcoming OMMA Mobile Conference (April 29, New York City) submissions. Too often this valuable advice goes unheeded, but this time pay attention because he is the person putting together the event.

Smith, a very gifted writer (do check out his column as it contains great insight on the mobile world), talks about past shows and how this experience plays into his work for this one. He challenges submitters:

“Instead of asking the perennial question, how do we monetize all the inventory and activity mobile social networks produce now, we should work backward and ask where, when and how does this activity take place — and how does that map against the marketing programs the user encounters?”

Understanding themes like these will help you work with your agency to submit valuable speakers and topics. Taking the time each quarter to talk about this will pay off when it comes to speaking at your next show.

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