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Silicon Beaches – Welcome to Florida: Work in the Sun All the Time

Silicon Beaches – Welcome to Florida: Work in the Sun All the Time

By, Suzanne McGee, Account Director, Fusion PR – @mcgeepr

Yes, we have Silicon Alley and Silicon Valley, but there’s more to technology than just the east and west coasts. Last time you visited Disney World, did you realize how close you were to some major tech companies, research facilities and universities?

I have to admit that I learned more about this when I recently traveled to Orlando for a business meeting. The state is actually rich in technology, life sciences, clean energy, aviation and aerospace, along with financial services and Homeland Security vendors.

This amazing wealth lends itself to a new moniker that reflects an unknown treasure: Silicon Beaches.

Sure, California, Boston and New York have lots to tout; but they might also experience fog, snow, long commutes to Europe, earthquakes, oversaturated markets, expensive talent wars and costly rent. Sound appealing?

Perhaps to some, but maybe there are other places that can provide both entrepreneurs and season pros with a fertile ground for innovation and rapid growth.

This has captured my attention, so I’ll be posting more about this along with short facts via Twitter, @siliconbeaches. More to come on this story! Join me…

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  • Steve

    March 11, 2009 at 6:30 pm Reply

    In working closely with Suzanne I can second her recent Floridian voyage of discovery. Long known as the home of Magical Kingdom and boasting both gators and Gators, Florida continues to be one of Technology’s hot spots.

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