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Which came First? The Tech or the Fashion?

Which came First? The Tech or the Fashion?

By: Aamir Syed, Account Coordinator, Fusion LA

I’ll start with Kate Vandermeer’s own words…

“Once upon a time, scientific advancement meant crease free fabrics and unusual surface textures, but now it’s all about Science as a muse. Chemicals, Metals, Industrial finishes, Acidic vs. Alkaline and the good ‘ol periodic table are all having
fashion moments.”

In August’s issue of Vogue China, an interesting article caught my eye. Entitled “Scientific Glamour,” the article goes on to speak about just that…the evolution of technology, namely the scientific aspect of it. Surprisingly, Vogue put out a pretty big story on it and features Eniko Mihalik, a popular Hungarian model who has been seen in multiple Chanel, Gucci collections as well as
the covers of Vogue, V Magazine and i-D.

The spread features Mihalik surrounded by some near-daunting architecture complemented by some pretty cool reflections, use of light and shadows to create beautiful imagery. But in each shot, the stylist of the shoot (Brian Molloy) aims to use some level of scientific texture and quality to add to each shot. Be it the simple floral skirt that looks like plastic or the paneled stress that have reflecting sequins, this peculiar spread mixes fashion with science and technology. Something we don’t see particularly

Working with novero, our high-end Bluetooth client, I have spent a lot of time doing research on what makes people tick in fashion, but on a level beyond the brand name, where it was made and the designer attached to the project. Typically, people don’t tend to mix fashion and tech together. Tech is too nerdy, heterosexual and simply put…not cool.

Right? Wrong. Tech and science have helped push fashion one step further in terms of being ground breaking. Whether it’s LL Cool J using LED TV’s sewn onto t-shirts to promote an album, having solar energy operated lights transfixed within a shirt or simply using a cool Bluetooth earpiece to match your style…the science of electronic components too is becoming an integral part of your fashion sense, more so than your fashion identity.

Tech isn’t taking over fashion; but it definitely looks like it’s going to play a major role in the coming years of fashion. And maybe a few months ago, I would have been really unhappy with that idea or reality. But the more I have opened my eyes to it, the more I understand how necessary it is.

Not only does the tech aspect of products and apparel become so seamless within style, but it allows you personally to stand out in the way you want. After all, it is you picking out the clothes and accessories you wear, right? Science and technology just gives you another level of choosing to perfectly complement your full outfit as into one.

For more images of the Vogue shoot, click here.
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