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Episode 5: How to Stand Out in Cyber Tech

Episode 5: How to Stand Out in Cyber Tech

In this episode, top cybersecurity influencer Joseph Steinberg joins host Bob Geller to discuss the state of the space and how to stand out in a crowded market. We cover the following topics:

  • Are there too many cyber tech companies?
  • The 3 three things that will grab CISOs and CSOs
  • Avoiding common PR errors
  • Why you need to be on TikTok and Instagram
  • Tips for working with influencers.

Check it out on Spotify, other podcasting channels, and you can see a video of the interview here, from the Fusion PR YouTube channel.

Joseph Steinberg is known for his keen insights and unique perspectives on cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the impact of technological developments on society. He amassed millions of readers as a regular columnist for Forbes and Inc. magazines. Joseph’s blog gets millions of monthly views, making it one of the most read columns in the fields of cybersecurity and AI. His opinions are also frequently cited in books, law journals, security publications, and general interest periodicals.

Joseph Steinberg serves as a cybersecurity expert witness, and an advisor to both businesses and governments around the world. He has been a leader and innovator in the cybersecurity industry for nearly 25 years, is one of the top cybersecurity influencers worldwide, and has written books ranging from Cybersecurity for Dummies to the Official Guide that many Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) study for their certification exams.

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