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Anlyzing Industry Analyst Relations

Anlyzing Industry Analyst Relations

At Fusion PR, we are big believers in the power of industry analyst relations. Most of our programs include an A/R track. In the world of enterprise tech, they are extremely important influencers.

But how can you reap the potential benefits of engaging and working with analysts? If the world of PR is poorly understood, getting the most from A/R programs can be even more cryptic.

Most startups recognize the key role of industry analysts, and the value of getting into their reports.  But they may not understand exactly how (and when) to engage analysts for best results. Now,  the Universtiy of Edinburgh, with analyst relations experts Robin Schaffer and Chris Holscher, have released the results of a groundbreaking study that sheds light on the topic.

We had Robin and Chris on the show to discuss the research, which is based on a survey of 500 startups, VCs, accelerators and industry analysts.

They explained how the study refuted common myths, and shared actionable insights to help startups understand how and when to engage analysts, what to expect and how to improve collaboration and results, including:

  • How to get on analysts’ radars
  • Jumpstarting success
  • Working with analysts to ensure the best product-market fit
  • The disconnect in perceptions that prevents many from deriving the most value
  • Why analysts value startup relationships, and the right time to get started with A/R

Thank you, Robin and Chris, for coming on the podcast and discussing the research.

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, and other popular channels. Visit our YouTube channel to watch the interview.

To obtain the report, you can visit either of the following links:



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