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How PR can help SEO

How PR can help SEO

By Tara Settembre, Account Manager, L.A.

We all know that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can have a positive effect on a website and business, because after all, a good search engine ranking means more viewers, more sales and a higher position over competitors. SEO can also lead to more journalists and people writing and knowing about a business too. Below are important takeaways on the subject of how PR can help clients with SEO.

• Optimizing the documents created by a PR department or agency – and posting these pages on your site – can generate more publicity help for your site, producing higher-ranking search results. These, in turn, generate: sales, leads and hits.

• As Barry Golson, editor in chief of Yahoo Internet Life, wrote in their magazine, “We read about online journalism – whether it’s better than the off line kind, which news sites are best, which are failing – but we don’t often hear how the Net has changed the way traditional beat reporters and researchers gather information. Increasingly, they are using search engines.

• Golson also writes: “Robert Scheer, who writes a syndicated column for the Los Angeles Times, was among the very first reporters to expose the connection between the Enron bankruptcy and the Bush Administration. When a media reporter for The Washington Post asked ‘how did you get onto it so early?’ He replied, Google.”

—> Thus, the more PR composed content you put on your site, the more search engine keywords direct to your site, equaling more exposure.

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