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Twitter is taking over the world, er, Internet

Twitter is taking over the world, er, Internet

By, Bennie Sham, Account Executive, Fusion PR @beesham

I thought Facebook was everywhere; now Twitter is giving Facebook a run for its money.  Because of its proliferation and ease of use, Twitter has been generating an abundance of applications- both Web and desktop.  Take a gander at the Twitter Downloads page and the Twitter Fan Wiki.

I had a chance to use one popular Web application (although not listed on either site) called TwitterSheep.  This application allows you to see a tag cloud from the bios of your Twitter followers.  Just enter your username and the tag cloud is automatically generated

It’s pretty cool to be able to see who your audience is and the type of industries they work in.  Of course, some words are not indicative of what people do or like (one of the words in my cloud was ‘things’) but it does give you a sense of the types of updates your followers would be interested in reading

Although many of these applications are fun, the question is: Are they going to hold up in the long run or are many of these applications doomed to be tagged “Flavor-of-the-week.”  Think you can make a better Twitter app? Let’s see you try: Twitter API

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