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Twitter is taking over the world, er, Internet

By, Bennie Sham, Account Executive, Fusion PR @beeshamI thought Facebook was everywhere; now Twitter is giving Facebook a run for its money.  Because of its proliferation and ease of use, Twitter has been generating an abundance of applications- both Web and desktop.  Take a gander

La nuova Bocca di verità: Web 2.0

By Asif Husain, Director, L.A.No thanks to Hollywood (see any movie or TV show featuring a publicist) the Public Relations industry gets a bad rep. It’s one thing when we can blame this perceived “shadiness” on misguided make-believe, but it’s a whole other issue

Web 2.0 is the Most Popular Wikipedia Entry

By Tara Settembre, Account Manager, L.A. AdAge reports that the buzzword coined by O'Reilly Media, “Web 2.0,” is the most cited Wikipedia entry of 2006. My bet is because not many know what it means. •