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Available Opportunities

Available Opportunities

By Kemba Francis, Intern

One of the many tasks in PR regarding support for clients is searching for award and speaking opportunities for clients. Lately, I have been involved in searching for a lot of these opportunities for them. Generally, it is better to search for these opportunities from January to March; that way you can begin generating your list of what’s out there. Be aware of whom to contact, the name of the award and speaking opportunity and other important data regarding these items.

An award received is the recognition gained by a company for a specific aspect of the industry. It could be considered beneficial to the client in regards to future business. The award may stand as their credibility in being recognized for what they do.

In contrast, speaking opportunities may be more effective in the fact that companies are drawn to events and conferences where they have the ability to interact with other industry professionals. It is all about networking and how you network these days and sometimes you just have to get with the program.

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