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By Kemba Francis, Intern

When I first heard that I was going to be blogging—mainly about my experience as an intern—I was a little worried. I had never blogged a day in my life. The term was frequently used around me, but I had no strong foundation of what it was to be a blogger.

Blogging is one aspect of social media that encourages communication and the ability to build a network with others. There are multitudes of blogs out there on an abundance of topics. Experts post blogs about their expertise and people enjoy reading them and gaining insight. There are also blogs that are published by everyday people that just want their opinion to be heard, allowing others to engage in conversation by posting comments in return.

By Fusion creating this blog for the interns, it gives us the opportunity to communicate with each other on certain topics that may not fuel everyday discussion. Also, for all future interns, reading what past interns have blogged about serves as an advantage. I am always up for being able to learn from my own experiences, as well as others.

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