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By Kemba Francis, Intern

No, I am not on Twitter. However, as per Bennie Sham, account executive at Fusion, as well as others at the company, I will be on it soon. Twitter has grown exponentially in the past few months but like any of these social media networks, I don’t think it knew how much potential they had until they actually experienced it.

Like all other social media, Twitter is fairly new to me. Bennie suggested that I first start to follow some people, beginning with the Fusion team, in order to get the feel of what Twitter is about and the things that people Tweet about. I think that will be my homework–where I will dive in and give myself a crash course on it.

I am not in a rush to create a Twitter handle because essentially my Twitter name would be an online representation of me. Social media is great but you also have to be careful how you use it. It could hurt you in the future.

So, to begin, I will:

  1. Start following a couple of people–Fusion team, some celebrities, things that interest me
  2. Decide whether my Twitter account is going to be personal or professional or whether or not I will have both
  3. Develop my Twitter name (brand myself). I will make sure that the things I post are somewhat consistent with each other, especially if my Twitter name is going to be professional
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