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Come on out, the water's warm

Come on out, the water's warm

By: Jeff Bratton, Account Supervisor, Fusion PR (@jeffbratton)

In many respects, I’m one of the last people that should be writing about the value of social media. I’m new to Facebook and just last week chose a Twitter handle. But it’s for these reasons, specifically, that I feel qualified to comment on the importance of playing an active and personal role in social mediums. 

facebookFor years I resisted the idea of taking my social life to the Web, of living in plain view of friends and colleagues. Although I spend many hours each day online and use the Internet to digest news and interact with journalists, I didn’t see the need to personally take part in the social networking wave consuming my peers. It was only when the wave became so big and hard to hide from that I choose to give it a shot. 

So now I’m online and engaged, and I guess that my point in all this is: in order for me to be a better (more empathetic, maybe) modern PR practitioner, I had to physically participate. I had to stop observing and actually hop in. Over the past 18 months, I’ve been part of countless social media brainstorms and have helped execute numerous plans that leverage the medium. But until I became a part of the process, I was less able to relate the nuances of interacting with friends and brands online.

For those, admittedly few, of us still resisting the social media tidal wave, my advice is simply: come on out, the water’s warm ☺

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  • Suzanne McGee

    May 20, 2009 at 11:33 am Reply

    Welcome. It’s good to see you out there in the social media-osphere. Now time to start tweeting some more. No worries, we’ll all listen.

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