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Bring on the heavy lifting

Bring on the heavy lifting

By Sylvia Ogilvie, Intern (@sylviaillini)

Last week at Fusion has been really busy for me. After my brief absence the week prior because I was sick, I was excited to dive right back into things on Monday. I’ve been doing a bit of the usual, such as briefing documents, media lists and awards lists, but I’ve also gotten the opportunity to do some new things. I had the opportunity to sit in on my first ed session, as well another weekly call with one of our clients. My biggest accomplishment, however, was when I was given the opportunity to draft a pitch on the founder for one of the companies. This is where I’ve been able to use my own writing skills in addition to the client information to create my very own pitch. As I’m being given more and more responsibilities and as they become more challenging and require more comprehension on my part, I’m realizing how much I enjoy the kind of work involved in a PR firm. I hope it keeps on going this way for the rest of my short stay here.

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