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That's Hot

That's Hot

By Samantha Evans, Intern (@samevans24)

Prior to interning at Fusion Public Relations, I had severely underestimated the importance and ever growing phenomenon, Twitter. I still do not have an account (sorry Justin), but plan to make one soon. My previous refusal to join the Twitter community stemmed from my belief that it was essentially the same as other social media outlets, and equipped with fewer applications than Facebook and MySpace. I also thought that those who were obsessed with Twitter simply used it to “follow” celebrities. In the past, those fans that would “follow” their celebrity idols were considered stalkers.

However, as I have recently learned, Twitter can certainly go beyond celebrity cyber-stalking. I have read many articles and blogs that describe Twitter to be extremely useful and beneficial to people with a wide array of occupations, but particularly those in the public relations and marketing fields. One blog post in particular, found on The Bad Pitch Blog, sums up the top four reasons why Twitter can improve PR pitches. It describes that Twitter can enhance a pitch’s brevity and value, help to include more links, and it is an effective place to pitch because it is always on. Twitter has a 140 characters count and therefore does not allow the pitch to be long at all, which forces a straight to the point and high value pitch.

Kevin, the author of the Top 4 Ways Twitter Can Improve Your Pitches, sums up his blog with, “Twitter won’t cure disease. It’s a handy utility. But it can also help improve your pitches. And that’s hot.” “That’s hot,” Paris Hilton’s go-to phrase, can successfully describe Twitter ability to keep friends, family, and even celebrities in touch while connecting PR executives with members of the media.

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