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When in Recession, Create a Personalized Media Community

When in Recession, Create a Personalized Media Community

By Samantha Evans, Intern (@samevans24)

Apparently, the Marines agree with the title of my blog post from last week. They truly believe there is much more to life than Twitter. The Marines have eliminated social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, from their network, describing the outlets as a safety hazard.

Mark Walsh, the author of the MediaPost.com article You’ve Gone Too Far, Twitter, questions the Marines’ decision by asking, “If the Marines are training future leaders, what better place to find followers than Twitter?” I second Walsh’s notion. Almost every time I watch TV or go see a movie, I come across a commercial promoting the many benefits of joining the Army, Navy or Marines. A social media outlet like Twitter, equipped with continuous updates, could be the perfect interactive place for a person to learn more after viewing the commercial.

On the completely opposite side of the spectrum (they are not even in the same spectrum) is Lane Bryant, a plus size women’s clothing store. Lane Bryant has been feeling the struggle of the economic times like everyone else and wants to find a better way to get closer to their customers and maybe (if they are really lucky) even boost sales. In an attempt to do so, Lane Bryant recently created a social media Web site entitled “Inside Curve.”

“The company, already active on both Facebook and Twitter, says the new site will allow for more interaction, with members able to access “up-to-the-minute insight on style, trends and behind-the-scenes features,” describes Sarah Mahoney in her article Lane Bryant Launches Plus-Sized Social Community.

Lane Bryant is not only accepting the social media phenomenon, but using it to better their company. They hope to not only promote sales of their clothing, but that “Inside Curve” will serve as a place to inform customers about promotions and sales and bring on new customers. Mark Walsh’s article explains that even the Department of Defense, “embraces social media as a recruiting and outreach tool.” Clearly the Marines could learn a thing or two from the Department of Defense and Lane Bryant.

I say: when in recession (unfortunately not Rome), take advantage of established social media outlets or make a Web site of your own! The possibilities are endless.

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  • jenifer

    August 12, 2009 at 2:52 am Reply

    Nice post.!! Lane Bryant is launching an ambitious social community 'Inside Curve' that welcomes women from all over the country to join in fun, fashion and friendship.

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