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Advancements and Setbacks

Advancements and Setbacks

By Giles Taylor, Intern (@gilescatherine)

For all of my blog followers out there, great news! Last week I mentioned that I wanted to perfect my tweeting skills and although I wouldn’t quite call my skills perfected, they are much improved. I have been helping out with a client’s Twitter account, which has definitely forced me to become much better at tweeting – however I must admit, my personal page is still quite scarce.

Beside my excitement with tweeting, this has been quite a hectic week. One of my life lines was severed when the Internet went down and our network crashed. As I sat there and thought about what work I could do without the internet, I realized that everything I needed was online. I went to one of my colleagues just to point out that I would not be able to get an assignment done on time, due to the network failure, and she reminded me that this would never have been an issue just a few years ago when all of our necessary information was published in book, not just online. Looking back, I first started using the Internet as a child and I never realized how vital it would ever become.

With our network back up I have been back at my desk diligently working, just as I rely so heavily on the Internet, our clients rely heavily on us too.

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