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Can This Be Off The Record?

Can This Be Off The Record?

By Giles Taylor, Intern (@gilescatherine)

At the Olympic Games last Wednesday, NBC accidentally recorded some foul words coming out of the mouth of Shaun White’s coach. Since then, there have been mixed reactions stemming from NBC. Some think that NBC should not have been filming them; others are outraged that the coach was using such harsh language at all.

The fact is, when working with the media, you start to learn that everything is always on the record and even when you think no one is listening or watching, they always are. With the advancements in technology, you have to always be cautious with everything you say, especially at very publicized events, such as the Olympics. Everyone, not just Olympic athletes, is subject to this and should be aware.

Today, media outlets are able to exclude all outside noise and narrow in on one specific person. If you are a fellow PR professional or communicate with clients in any manner, it is important to remind them of this simple lessen before you are in crisis mode. Some people like to learn this lesson the hard way, but if you play it safe, always remember that no matter what, you are always on the record and someone is bound to hear what you are saying.

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