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Social Media to Take Over Our Jobs?

Social Media to Take Over Our Jobs?

By Giles Taylor, Intern (@gilescatherine)

Some people believe that the introduction of Social Media may take away the necessity of a PR firm. However, I think that it has just added another tool to our arsenal of weapons. To many people in the PR industry, it’s a mystery; I have to admit that before taking on this internship, I didn’t have a full picture. Sure, anyone can create a Twitter account or Facebook Fan Page but not everyone has the knack to make it promotional and profitable. It takes more then a basic understanding of how the social media site works in order to use it effectively.

In an article I found by Christine Perkett, titled “Public Relations Trends for 2010”, she also disputes this myth and gives some insight into what the PR profession holds for 2010. One of the most important things she mentioned was that now, when businesses are requiring more PR efforts, they will be able to measure how well their PR company is doing. There are many technologies now that can be used to measure the results that we are producing for our clients. Although some may be daunted by this, I think it is a great step in bettering PR efforts.

Emerging technologies have been very useful to PR professionals and I hope to experience many more advancements throughout my time spent in the profession.

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