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New Kid On The Blog

New Kid On The Blog

By Molly DePasquale, Intern

Okay, so I shouldn’t admit it but I am definitely a beginner blogger. Before I joined the Fusion team, I had never really given blogging a chance. A lot of my friends have blogged before and I ask them all the same question, “What’s the point of blogging?” They usually reply by saying that I probably wouldn’t understand because I’ve never done it. They were right.

To try is to experience and to experience is to gain understanding and knowledge. The only thing that holds me back from trying my hand at blogging is the fear of feedback. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I lack confidence in my writing, but the fact that anyone on the Internet could read what I write is kind of intimidating. I decided to do a little research on the topic and I found out that a blog can have an array of capabilities. A blog can be used in many different ways. A person can use it personally, professionally, for a corporation or organization, by genre, media type, or device.

I had no idea a blog could be so multidimensional. I use to have the perception that blogs were just a way for people to pour their hearts out and gain feedback from readers, but this is far from the real capabilities that it may hold. The creation of a blog is essential in order to establish a name for yourself. If you have an interest, hobby, or business idea that you are extremely passionate and enjoy writing about, then chances are people will find pleasure in reading your daily comments and possibly leave you very thoughtful and critical feedback. I look forward to gaining more knowledge of blogging and using it to my advantage, both professionally and personally.

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