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Full-Time Juggling

Full-Time Juggling

By Molly DePasquale, Intern

Classes, papers and tests…Oh my! Interning, commuting and working …Oh my! Budget proposals, meetings, and flyers…Oh my!

Oh my, is right. I would consider myself a fairly talented multi-tasker but when midterm week comes around it tends to discourage my abilities just a little. Juggling a full-time college class load with all the strings attached, working a part-time job, being the president of a club on the Hofstra University campus, and commuting into Manhattan two days a week to intern at Fusion occasionally makes my head spin! Especially now when I have 3 midterms, 3 papers, and a budget proposal for my club due this week!

Although I get frustrated at times with everything I have going on and not having a minute to myself, I have to admit, I love it because I like keeping myself busy and involved! I guess I can’t say I don’t have a minute to myself because I try to set aside time everyday to do some form of exercise whether it be yoga, running or just walking around. It’s important to have some kind of outlet to vent frustrations.

I think when you have a lot going on in your life at one time it makes you space out your time better and develop a schedule. I’m a very organized person so I tend to write everything down in a planner, which makes it easier to know when everything is due or what is pending. When I get overly frustrated thinking about everything I have going on I try to look at my planner and only focus on the next immediate assignment/task due. This usually helps to calm my thoughts of frustrated panic of not having enough time.

But as I’ve realized throughout my college career, feeling panicked doesn’t get work done, it just delays it further. So as the week continues, I’m going to stick to my planner and patiently work my way through this hectic week and hope for the best!

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