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It’s the Most Wonderful… Well, Frustrating Time of the Year

It’s the Most Wonderful… Well, Frustrating Time of the Year

By Giles Taylor, Intern @gilescatherine

It has come to that point in my internship where it is time to begin the long, often frustrating, search for a job. At this point, I have spent countless hours on job search sites while tailoring my resume and cover letter to fit just perfectly for each job posting. I know what you’re thinking, countless hours, she must have tons of leads. Wrong, sorry. However, I have generated a few leads through some of my colleagues. This takes me back to the old rule: networking really is everything.

Recently, I went on an interview where the interviewer mentioned that he takes personal recommendations much more seriously than anything else. With the bombardment of resumes and covers letters being sent everyday, employers want to know that they are bringing in someone they can trust to work hard and get the job done. After hearing all the praise that came from my colleague, I felt so proud of all the work I have been doing during my internship and know that it is really paying off.

Although I am still spending countless hours navigating search engines, I have begun to put more energy into my connections with colleagues and anyone I happen to meet in the communication industry. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope all of this hard work pays off soon!

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