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Mediated Communication

Mediated Communication

By Molly DePasquale, Intern

Our society has gone from the spoken word to print communication, to the radio, to broadcast journalism, to the Internet accompanied with all the accoutrement like e-mail, instant message, video chat and so on, which has brought us now onto social media and networking Web sites.

What comes next and how have these aspects of technology influenced our daily communication? Does communication influence our thoughts and behaviors when communicating? Technology has influenced our daily communication in both our personal and our professional lives. These influences are multidimensional, but what I am interested in learning more about is how the use of technology as a means of communication differs among men and women in a work environment.

This has been an interest to me because my major is Speech Communication and Rhetorical Studies and we constantly try to interpret and decipher the meanings of various communication media such as ad campaigns and discourses used in the media. This is a topic I have chosen for an honors paper I am doing to graduate with departmental honors at the end of the year. The aim of my paper is to identify how various media technology, such as the Internet, blogging, and social networking websites have changed the ways in which professionals communicate in a working environment.

I will focus on how these media help to construct cultural perceptions and a mediated cultural identity. I will analyze how technology can benefit communication in a professional setting. I will also examine the influences and consequences of communication technology on males and females. Overall, my analysis of the research I compile seeks to determine not only the communication differences among men and women and how both men and women can become better communicators, but also the effects, positive and negative, of media communication in a professional setting.

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