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The Comeback Desktop

The Comeback Desktop

By Molly DePasquale, Intern

In InformationWeek’s recent article, “Desktop Sales Soar on Windows 7 Demand,” author Antone Gonsalves talks about an overall increase in desktop sales of about 30% reported by analyst firm, NPD Group. I was very surprised after reading about the increase in desktop sales, because from my point of view, I thought it would be the opposite in our immediate information society.

Our society depends on technology as a means of mass communication. We circulate and receive our information this way, so the fact that stationary desktops are increasing seems surprising to me. Since most people receive their information through mass communication, it makes sense to have a portable form of computer or Web browser.

Then I thought about it a little more and realized that most people own smart phones that allow them to browse the Internet anywhere. Although I’m not an expert, I think a factor that plays into the increase of desktop sales coincides with the increase of people who have smart phones or portable Web browser devices.

These portable devices allow individuals to retrieve immediate information at the tip of their fingers. Since these portable technologies come into play, I can understand the increase in desktop sales. If individuals already have a portable device that allows them to obtain their information on the go, then it makes sense for most people to have a stationary desktop in your home or office.

The highly publicized, new Windows 7 software demand has also played a major role in the increase of desktops sales. This new software has added a whole new dimension to Windows and desktops that support the software. It will be interesting to trace the activity of the Windows 7 software along with the increase in desktop sales throughout the year.

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