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Ready for Lift-Off: My Education of a Product Launch

Ready for Lift-Off: My Education of a Product Launch

By Gabby Cox, Intern (@omgitsgabz)

I stepped into this internship in the midst of the preparation for a product launch. It has been an opportune time to see how months of planning and paying attention to the smallest details eventually pay off.

One of our clients just released a product over the weekend. In preparation, we’ve been contacting the media – reporters, bloggers and tech gurus – who are interested in reviewing our product, writing about it and featuring it in their publications/websites.

As I observe and quickly began participating in the process, I see the importance in being proactive in both our outreach and follow-up. By paying attention to detail and maintaining communication with the media, we engage in mutually beneficial relationships that serve the goals of not only our clients and the media, but us as PR folks. We love reading good reviews about the products and services we work with, but we are always ready to answer any concerns and questions that arise. This commitment goes a long way in showing that we’re genuinely excited about a product and want to get the word out about it, while sustaining amicable relationships with reporters for the future.

The effort we put into a product launch has tangible rewards. For example, after meeting with a reporter at CTIA, following up with him throughout the past weeks and sending him a product review kit, our clients’ latest product received a great review:


The conversations between our office, our client and the media are perpetually ongoing. Every day, someone has something new to say. I love getting the chance to participate in these conversations and I look forward to engaging in them more and more throughout my internship at Fusion.

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