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New internship, new blog post, new look at PR

New internship, new blog post, new look at PR

By Stephanie Tillman, Intern

Hi! My name is Stephanie Tillman and this is my first blog post ever! Before I begin with my first attempt at blogging success, I thought I’d talk a little bit about myself. I am a new summer intern here, straight off the train from Long Island. I currently attend Penn State University with high hopes to obtain a major in PR.

I’m not going to lie; stepping into the Fusion NY office with little PR knowledge was a little intimidating. After my first day, there is so much more to PR then I could have ever imagined. I have already faced new challenges that I am ready to take head-on. I have to say, there is nothing like working in an office and really being able to take part in daily responsibilities.

On my second day at work, I was able to sit in a briefing, which help establish relationships with the media and clients. There are other important parts of PR that I didn’t know about before I got here. Who knew social media networks could be used as a type of PR? Posting interesting industry and client news on sites such as Twitter and Facebook can help clients inform others about what their company is up to.

In addition to the fun stuff, there are also many daily responsibilities that are necessary in PR. From creating media lists, to editorial calendars, I have been incredibly busy at all times. I can’t wait to take in more experience as my internship goes on and learn what else goes into being a PR professional at Fusion!

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