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Internships are the new Graduate Schools

Internships are the new Graduate Schools

By Allison Trombetta, Intern

As a very recent college graduate, I am officially confident in the decision I made post graduation. A few years ago when the economy was bad, most college undergrads made the decision to go directly into graduate school. They assumed job opportunities were scarce so they took the alternate route.

When choosing a graduate program, you need to know exactly what you want to do. As for the Public Relations field, knowing exactly what you want is hard to determine. PR is one of today’s fasted growing industries with many different niches to experience. It is also not a guarantee that you will make more money solely because you attended graduate school.

Today, experience is the most important feature to communication professionals. Employers want to see that you’ve gone out and worked alongside other professionals. Not only will you learn through individual intern projects but rather listening to professional conversations and observing the experts. An internship will provide a new PR professional with more knowledge than a traditional textbook. I have been interning here for a week and can guarantee I have learned more this week than I could sitting in a college classroom.

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