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Fear not! PR is here to stay!

Fear not! PR is here to stay!

By Allison Trombetta, Intern

Almost every year publications like Forbes and Fortune rank the best jobs, companies, and industries to work for. Several jobs falling under the communication field made the top 35 out of 50 jobs according to Fortune in 2009. They rank the best jobs by best pay, growth possibilities, etc. The top communications jobs are Sales Director, Human Resources Manager, Marketing Manager, Director of Communications, and Account Executives.

Not only Public Relations, but the whole communications field is alive and growing. I truly believe I am in the right place at this point in my life. Not only do I have a passion for PR but now it is more so comforting to know that my passion is expanding. It is reassuring to know that my all of my acquired skills over the summer will be put to work.

Public Relations is growing partially because there are so many types. Some PR have formal names like corporate PR, media relations, and public affairs. However, almost any successful company today does some sort of public relations without actually calling it so. This need for public relations is why we are going to see so much growth in the years to come.

Our generation will soon become the PR experts. We have received the updated knowledge of public relations and have extraordinary amounts of experience with social media. Anyone out there just entering or thinking about entering the world of Public relations, get ready, we are going to be here for a while!

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